Grandview Island

Media That Moves People

Grandview Island is a New York based media production company that specializes in makingvideo and film, web sites and environments, interactive learning and installations, tablet apps, webisodes for Fortune 500 businesses

Our Video and Film Work

 It’s not only our core competency – it’s the communication format du jour. Our work has won scores of awards and we continue to learn with every project we undertake. (3D anyone??)

The Island's Reel

Grandview Island Whiteboard Animation Video - This year here at the Island we’ve been having all kinds of fun with “explainer videos”. In fact, these whiteboard inspired creations are so much fun, we decided to make one about ourselves! 

GVI Green Reel – We not only help you tell your sustainable design story, we understand how to share it to earn a credit toward your LEED certification.

Gender Balance – This piece conveys why achieving Gender Balance in the workplace has become a business imperative.


9/11 Memorial – In the final days of the Bloomberg administration, the Mayor was honored for his remarkable efforts in support of completing the  9/11 Memorial.

Electronic Trading - This piece distills the culture, technology, and spirit of innovation that make this electronic trading organization a leader in a dynamic and rapidly changing market.

Artistic Partnership - A video about the special relationship between a Swiss banking giant and a major New York museum

Delta Diabetes – This piece takes you to the heart of the Mississippi Delta where Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions.

 Animation Explainer Video - Answers the nagging question of what to do with all the data from those clinical trials you’ve been running. 

Dead Deal – You’ll think twice about texting about that meeting after viewing this example of how Inside Information can be passed along unintentionally.

Women’s Initiative – A blue chip brand celebrates the remarkable contributions of women.

Doing Time – A view on Insider Trading - from the INSIDE.

Registered Investment Advisor Conference Highlights 2011 – These spirited conference highlights will convince you that YOU should have been there too.

GSA LEED – Because a green office looks like any other office, until you take the guided tour.

Javits - An iconic building is given a second life.