Grandview Island

Media That Moves People

Grandview Island is a New York based media production company that specializes in makingvideo and film, web sites and environments, interactive learning and installations, tablet apps, webisodes for Fortune 500 businesses


Take the plunge...

There is a difference between watching and witnessing. Between hearing and listening. Between observing and experiencing. At Grandview, we believe genuine and compelling experiences shape ideas, change behaviors, inspire action. Your message hits home when you connect with your audience on a highly credible, visceral level. When media moves people.
We also believe in goals. In working closely with our clients to create media that accomplishes something. Our portfolio of work extends across every strategic outcome, venue, and creative approach. We create video, interactive learning experiences, web environments and social media content. We help build brands, supercharge sales, and motivate change. We have deep skills capturing messages from leadership in a candid, compelling way. We have the skill sets to help train your team. And we understand how to convey the essence of your product and the integrity of your brand.

 Bringing together unique backgrounds in film and video, music, design, politics, writing, and communications, the Grandview Island team shapes the message and technology to create an audience experience true to your aims.
  We are fluent in many industries, including finance, insurance, pharmaceutical, sustainable design and the construction and healthcare industries.

Grandview Island is a certified Women Owned Business.