Grandview Island

Media That Moves People

Grandview Island is a New York based media production company that specializes in makingvideo and film, web sites and environments, interactive learning and installations, tablet apps, webisodes for Fortune 500 businesses


Other Endeavors

At Grandview Island we are passionate about our core business serving industry and creating world class internal communications. But GVI has branched out into other endeavors as well.  Carol McCann is a uniquely creative partner in our company.  In addition to being a talented creative director she is also an acclaimed singer songwriter and a gifted screenwriter.   Below are several samples of work in various stages of development.  Michael Lesser along with his partner Philip Shane is currently in production on a documentary about a ground breaking program at the VA Hospital. Michael’s deep roots in documentary have served him well - he was a member of the collective that created the recently re-released classic documentary “Winter Soldier”.  Emily Lesser – second generation Grandview Island - has launched her career as a producer already and in the next generation section you will see links to some of her recent projects.


Additionally we have partnered with producer Kimberly Guidone who is helping to represent some of the fiction work on both the domestic and international fronts.  And Amy Willstatter,

sponsorship guru, brings her expertise to creative endeavors with her keen eye for the development of winning entertainment that will appeal to brands and funders.