Grandview Island

Media That Moves People

Grandview Island is a New York based media production company that specializes in makingvideo and film, web sites and environments, interactive learning and installations, tablet apps, webisodes for Fortune 500 businesses

Original Documentary

Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen - A cornerstone of the Chelsea Community, their mission is to feed the hungry, and provide a sense of hope and opportunity to those in need.

ReWalk - The extraordinary ReWalk computer powered ExoSkeleton. The film was co-Directed by Michael Lesser and Philip Shane.

9/11 Memorial – In the final days of the Bloomberg administration, the Mayor was honored for his remarkable efforts in support of completing the  9/11 Memorial.

Javits - An iconic building is given a second life.

Charity Day 2010 - A one of a kind case study in how to turn tragedy into bounty.

Delta Diabetes – This piece takes you to the heart of the Mississippi Delta where Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions.


Winter Soldier Trailer - A trailer for a searing film from 1975 that finally gets its due. Michael Lesser was a founding member of the Winter Collective.


Pumping Iron Trailor - In 1977, an independent documentary movie shone a light on the world of bodybuilding, becoming a huge box office hit and creating an international sensation. One of our principals, Michael Lesser, served as Director of Lighting on this classic film!